NOVICES 2022-2023  
Chorégraphies/fiches Chanteurs/titres Vidéos
Shore thing Luke Bryan, Shore thing Shore thing
Everybody knows The Dixie Chicks, Everybody knows Everybody knows
All shook up Billy Joel, All shook up All shook up
God's been good Keith Urban, God's been good to me God's been good 
Texas echo David Ball, Texas echo Texas echo
Lover please come back Billy Swan, Lover please come  back Lover please come back
Tailgate Neal McCoy, Tail on the tailgate Tailgate
2 stepping away Teddy Robb, Get away with it 2 stepping away
Storm and stone Storm and stone, Run Storm and stone
Adios cowboy Midland, Adios cowboy Adios cowboy
She's a natural Breland, Natural She's a natural
Down on your uppers Derek Ryan, Down on your uppers Down on your uppers
Lay low Josh Turner, Lay low Lay low
That don't impress me much Shania Twain, That don't impress me much That don't impress me much
Raggle taggle gypsy o Derek Ryan, Raggle taggle gypsy o Raggle taggle gypsy o
Winter's apples Padraig O'Keefe's, Apples in winter Winter's apples
Storm and stone Storm and stone, Run Storm and stone
Every cotton pickin morning Blake Shelton, Cotton pickin' time Every cotton pickin morning
Velvet leather charleston Amanda Kate Ferris, Velvet leather tough Velvet leather charleston
Beer for my horses Willy Nelson & Toby Keith, Beer for my horses Beer for my horses
Toes Zac Brown Band, Toes Toes