DEBUTANTS 2022-2023  
Chorégraphies/fiches Chanteurs/titres Vidéos
Electric slide Diamond Rio, Bubba Hyde Electric slide
Feeling kinda lonely The Dean Brothers, Feeling kinda lonely Feeling kinda lonely        
Cheeseburger   Cheeseburger
Cotton eyed Joe   Cotton eyed Joe
Patty cake polka   Patty cake polka
101 BR549, That's what I get 101
The island song River Road Trio, The Island song The island song
Baby belle Derek Ryan, The Belle of Liverpool Baby belle
Desirable Chris Janson, Everybody Desirable
Hooked on country Atlanta Pop Orchestra, Just hooked on country Hooked on country
Easy come easy go Shania Twain, Any man of mine Easy come easy go
Stomping it out The Tractors, Settin' the woods on fire Stomping it out
The harvester Brandon Heath, The harvester The harvester 
Salt, lime & tequila Ryan Griffin, Salt, lime & tequila Salt, lime & tequila
She's a natural Breland, Natural She's a natural