CONFIRMES 2021-2022  
Chorégraphies/fiches  Chanteurs Vidéos
Rock&roll found me (Chrystel Durand) Eric Church, Rock&roll found me Rock&roll found me
Perfect remedy (Julia Wetzel) Thomlas Rhett&Jon Pardi, Beer can't fix it Perfect remedy
Memory cha (Kim Ray) Keith Urban, Making memories of us Memory cha
Train wreck Jill King, Can't let go Train Wreck
Pick her up The Hot country knights, Pick her up Pick her up
Texas time Keith Urban, Texas time Texas time
Wintergreen The East Pointers, Wintergreen Wintergreen
Daisy Duke Si Cranstoun, Daisy Duke Daisy Duke
Dixie fix Rodney Atkins, About the South Dixie fix
Into the dark night Midland, Running wild Into the dark night
I run to you Lady A, Run to you I run to you
After a few Travis Denning, After a few  After a few
Me and Johnny Cash Rainey Qualley, Me and Johnny Cash  Me and Johnny Cash 
Gypsy Rosa Li  Ray Scott, Gypsy Gypsy Rosa Li 
Beeswing  Nathan Carter, Beeswing Beeswing 
God's been good  Keith Urban, God's been good to me God's been good 
Where oh where Kenny Blue Boss Wayne, Where did my baby go   Where oh where
Red hot rock'n roller Dave Sheriff, Red hot rock'n roller  Red hot rock'n roller 
John Henry  Blue Water Highway, John Henry  John Henry
 Messed up in Memphis  Darryl Worley, Messed up in Memphis  Messed up in Memphis
 Playboys  Midland, Playboys  Playboys
 Little Liza Jane  Vince Gill, Little Liza Jane  Little Liza Jane
 Corn  Blake Shelton, Corn  Corn